Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day at President Millar's home

On Christmas Day, we had dinner at the Mission President's home. Invited were all the office and visitor's center seniors (12 of us). Again we did Christmas Crackers to honor the English tradition. Dinner was turkey, ham, yams, Snickers salad (my favorite), potatoes, beans, and a variety of relish choices. Sister Millar made a fabulous English trifle (she is English).
  These are the English Crackers on each plate

  The seniors all went together to give Sister
Millar a Lladro nativity.

Trip to London

On Dec 20th, we celebrated Mark's birthday by going to London for the afternoon. We went up in the London Eye (the super Ferris Wheel), walked around a few landmarks, and had lunch in a crowded Italian dive. London is about 45 minutes by train from our office. It was our first Saturday to be able to get away from the office. Life has been busy, busy, busy.

This is the London Eye

The famous Big Ben
        some strange lady on the sidewalk

Missionary Christmas in the London South Mission

Over the holidays we hosted four Christmas dinners, each for 1/4th of the mission. There are just too many missionaries to have them all at the Temple at once. Missionaries would arrive and attend the temple. 1/4th of the mission is exactly one full session of 72. After the temple, they gathered at the accommodations dinner room for a Christmas dinner cooked and prepared by Sister Cannon and helpers. After the dinner, a short program was held where we sang carols and had an impromptu bell choir using our pipe chimes -- lead by Elder Cannon.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The crowd gathering at the visitor's centre for the Christmas Kickoff event.  We had some Christmas messages given and we sang Christmas hymns.

It's already December!

Well it has been too long since we have posted anything on our blog! We stayed so busy in November with our moves week and getting the new rosters out in between our various practices and performances with our "mo-trav" group! It was fun to travel to Brighton and Reading for other performances and a couple other performances back here at the visitors centre.There were several non-members that attended these firesides, but it did take most of our extra time. We could barely keep up with our regular work!
England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving so we had a regular work week. Our office is staffed with people from the U.S. So after work on Thanksgiving day, we got together and had a nice little turkey dinner. It was nice to still think about how blessed we are. We had some kind of big problems with some of the mission credit cards and other financial struggles but "Salt Lake" was closed for 4 days and everything had to wait until Monday afternoon until it opened again! We thought a 4 day weekend would be nice! No luck!
Last Saturday we picked up one of our new office sisters from the airport. We spent most of our Pday helping her get settled, grocery shopping, showing her around, etc. she is Sister Lana Stewart from Midvale, Utah. She will take Sister Cates place. Sister Cates has been a good sport! She was supposed to go home from her mission the 9th of November, but graciously volunteered to stay an extra month to train a new sister. We were so grateful! None of us know how to do her jobs. There is another sister coming on the 13th to also work with us, but I guess Sister Stewart will have to train her!
Last Sunday, November 30, we helped with a Christmas kickoff fireside at the Visitors centre. It was held outside. The night was cool, but not raining or icy. They had asked me to play on a very nice keyboard which was set up with amazing speakers. I accompanied a couple who sang a duet in between some speakers. Then I accompanied people as everyone just sang Christmas hymns. The VC sisters passed around little battery operated candles to everyone. They held up their lighted candles as they sang. There was such a beautiful spirit and the lights shining in the dark added to the special mood.
We will try again to post pictures on Sunday. We have to go to the office to do that and haven't had the time we needed on weekends so I just decided to post a little tonight on my iPad. Hopefully we will get pictures and more posted! We are keeping super busy and definitely feel needed. The next few weeks will be extra crazy as we do our mission Chrsitmas temple and dinner events. We are grateful for your love and support. We need those prayers!