Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just to show you that it finally did snow in the England London South Mission. This is a real blizzard one morning that actually covered the drive -- well, almost. It took forever to melt -- at least an hour! I had to scrape the windows of our little car that you see here.
Elder Cannon just had to buy a hat for who-knows what reason. This is just after church.

These two lovely sisters are the recent additions to the office family. Sister Gilman from Washington is on the left and Sister Stewart from Midvale is on the right.

These are the current Visitor's Center sisters. Two are American (#2 and #3 from the left). The others are Portugal, Sweden, France, and Denmark.

We told you about the DeLaMare relatives from the island of Jersey that we found working here at the Temple; Brother and Sister Key. Sister Key is a descendant of one of the other (lesser) wives of Philip DeLaMare.

These are the two Digital Elders that work part-time in the office. They arrange travel for moves and a thousand other things for the mission. They still baptized a great convert this week. In the back is Elder Blair from Missouri and in the Front is Elder Foster from Salt Lake.


  1. I love the pictures Mom! And I love your hat daddy! You look like a very dapper English gentleman. Now you just need a brown, tweed, 3-piece suit.

  2. Love the pictures and hat! You guys really look English :)