Saturday, September 6, 2014

MTC first week

This was week one in the Missionary Training Center. We have been so impressed with the whole experience. This is such an amazing organized center! We had a great group of senior missionary couples preparing to go all over the world. We had instruction on Preach My Gospel all week. We were divided up into districts of four couples in each group. Our district had a couple going to  San Jose, California to work with Samoans, a couple going to 4 corners area to work on an Indian reservation and one couple going to Africa. We learned a lot about teaching the gospel through role playing, teaching volunteer investigators, presenting lessons to less-actives, using technology, studying various methods of teaching, etc. We had young, returned missionaries working as our trainers. They were so enthusiastic, yet very helpful. They gave great instructions and assignments, but also encouragement and positive feedback. It was fun, scary, overwhelming, but so needed. This is a picture of all the senior missionaries this week. I guess this is actually a small group!

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