Saturday, September 6, 2014

Setting Apart and Family Dinner

We had a nice day today.  It was our Stake Conference and the first one conducted by our new stake presidency.  Good talks were given about checking up on ourselves and our family to see how we are really doing.  The choir was a Primary group of children ages 8-12.  Following Stake Conference, our Stake President, President Al Burns and our Bishop Mel Bohn came to our home for our setting apart.  Because President Burns had to leave town this evening, he needed to come at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Most of our children could not come at that time because of responsibilities in their home wards.  We did have Kimi, Scott Jr., Paul, Vee and their children Sefa, Nia, and Maile.  Scott and I were each given wonderful blessings as we were set apart.  There was a beautiful spirit attending us as we were given promises and encouragement. He blessed us with extra power to accomplish what would be needed.  After a pleasant afternoon, more family came for a dinner together.  We had Scott, Ivy, and their boys; Paul & Vee's family, Rachel and Jeff and their boys, Kimi and Alex, Missy and Sammy and their girls.  We feel very blessed with our family.  We are now full time missionaries!  We enter the MTC tomorrow! Here we go! It is so hard to leave our family but we have been given so much, it is our turn to serve the Lord full time!

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