Saturday, August 1, 2015

Highclere Castle

Thursday, August 30, Sister Stewart, Sister Gilman, Elder Cannon and I were able to go and visit Highclere Castle.  This is better known as the place where Downton Abby takes place! At least the major filming. We had to order tickets last February and this was one of the only dates available for this summer.  We had a delightful time exploring the gardens as they have a gate opening up into a secret garden which open to another secret garden, which goes into another secret garden.  The Earls of Carnarvon have had the castle since 1679.  As we went to the castle, we also had admission to an Egyptian exhibit.  The Egyptian exhibit was amazing! It filled a large area of the basement. I lose track of the Earls and Duchesses etc,   but one of them became very interested in archeology and was able to go to Egypt where he was able to discover and collect a huge assortment of ancient Egyptian relics.  There are a couple of rooms of authentic relics and several other rooms of replicas of things they once had but are now back in Egypt.  Of course there is no photography in the Egyptian exhibit - it has extremely low lighting -  or the castle. These pictures are from some of the grounds and exterior of the castle. Much of the castle is in terrible disrepair and the family mostly lives in a cottage on the estate.  The grounds are so extensive that you would never find them! Many movies have been filmed in parts of the castle, but Downton Abbey has caused a huge increase in the number of visitors. The proceeds from all these visitors has helped in the overwhelming projects to repair it.

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  1. Wow! How cool!
    (Now we know what theme is going to be running through my head the rest of the day. Might as well go watch the show...)