Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jordanne Burgess's visit and Nymans

Our whole mission travelled to London to the Hyde Park Chapel for a conference with the London Mission.  Elder Holland came and spoke to us.  It was a wonderful experience.  That evening we picked up a rental car and then went to the train station in Lingfield.  We picked up Jordanne Burgess who was travelling in the UK.  She came down from Scotland for a couple of days. On Saturday the 13th, we were able to go to Nymans. It is an estate with a huge, lovely home and astonishing gardens with plants from all over the world.  It has wooded areas, play areas, including a large crochet field.  The home was partially destroyed by fire in 1947 so only part of the house is inhabitable.

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  1. Just like all the old Victorian novels! Are you sure there isn't a mad woman locked up in one of those rooms?