Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our flats

This week we're going to show a bit of our flats here at the London Temple Accommodations Center. Our first flat was very small. About the size of a bedroom at home. This included two twin-size beds, a bathroom, and a small kitchen counter. No stove or oven, but a small microwave and sink. The small fridge was in one of the cupboards. No freezer.
 We did have one chair as you can see. In any case, it served us well. Instead of a flat, we called this one a 'flit'.

After a month, we were able to move into a larger room (still one room of course) with a European king-size bed. This is the same as what we call a queen-size.
Next to the large bed is a large window that opens out to the office parking area. We hand grocery bags through it after we shop. The other missionaries call it the Order Window as in "Do you want fries with that?". We have not one but two refridgerators and two freezers. Most of the space belongs to the mission, but it is nice to have ice, a stove and oven, and a separate kitchen area. We have two large comfy chairs and (wait for it....) internet! Lots of closet space. Well, some closet space.

We (read Mom) cooked our first true Sunday Dinner two weeks ago. We fed two sister missionaries this past sunday.

We are still very busy with our mission office work. This week was all catch up from the previous two weeks of travel. We did a small musical fireside with a choir 7 sister and 4 Elder missionaries (including both of us -- mom played the piano this time.) No tenors, so dad had to hold up the tenor part and out sing the basses. It went OK, but not stellar.

The English phrase we learned this week is "having a moan" which means complaining. Cherio!


  1. I love the pictures! So glad you were able to put some on the blog. Wow, that first one was very small- like living in a small hotel room. So glad you have a kitchen now, I bet that makes a huge difference.

  2. They look really nice though- not broken down and dirty or anything ;)