Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zoning in and zoning I again!

This week was a mission tour with a general authority, Elder Detlof Adler and Sister Adler. We have 9 zones and they are divided into three groups, an eastern, a central, and a western group. When it is a mission tour, we have the three multi zone conferences on three days in a row. Elder Cannon and I traveled to each one to bring supplies and tablecloths, paper products, water ,etc. the stake Relief Societies in each area help by providing the meals. We met some amazing sisters who gave their all. We were very impressed by the conferences and the great missionaries involved. President and Sister Millar gave great messages and good instruction. This was the first mission tour for Elder and Sister Adler. They were nervous and a bit worried, but so humble! We loved watching them grow into their new responsibilities. We saw them be directed by the Spirit and change their messages for each group  they addressed. We had messages on being happier and remembering that this is a gospel of happiness; thoughts about being truly converted and truly repenting; as well as a message of love for others. We had quite a week of traveling but were able to see more new places. We drove home from Poole along the southern coast. Beautiful!

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