Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday scenarios

We had quite a week and our Sunday kept it going. Briefly, we went to church an hour early to practice in our little group for our program next Friday. Apparently, I am accompanying them on 5 or 6 pieces. I only saw two of them for the first time on Sunday. A couple of pieces were actually written by one of the sister missionaries and they are beautiful! Our sacrament meeting was the primary program! It was so fun to hear the songs and watch the sweet children with their lovely Brutish accents! It made us miss home, but at least we were able to see a program and hope each of our grandchildren programs. The other church meetings were also good. I played in relief society again. Apparently that is my job now although they can't give us callings. After church, we came home and I worked on some dinner prep, then found an old piano in the basement to try and practice a little. At 4:00 we were able to talk to Scott jr and Aeden for a little while, then we had two sister missionaries over for dinner. They are very cute, one from Sweden and one from New Zealand. After dinner, we went to the fireside at the visitors center where I accompanied one od our office Elders on his solo. The second counselor in the mission presidency and his wife spoke. Our mission president, president and sister Millar, were at the fireside and afterwards had us take care of some business in the office before they leave for mission presidents training. While at the office, we learned that because of some problems elsewhere in the mission, Elder Cannon was assigned to be taken to Crawley, meet up with an Elder and accompany him by train and the tube to the Latvian Embassy. This young Elder has had several visa problems and has been in our mission waiting for his visa to his actual mission. So Elder Cannon leaves early this morning and get to go on another new adventure. I will try to keep to office going since it is our early week!
We have continued to have problems posting our pictures from my iPad to the blog even though I am doing this on the iPad and that is where the pictures are. Sorry to be so slow. We will figure it out as soon as we have longer than a couple of minutes to do it. We love and miss you! Have a great week and Cheerio from across the pond!

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